Tony’s story: reversing diabetes in 1 month

Tony’s story was first published on this website 16 Dec 2015.

From Germiston, South Africa:

I started my Banting journey on the 26th of October 2015. The first week of the Real Meal Revolution on-line course is for preparation, but I started going LCHF straight away rather than waiting for the actual start in Week 2. I read as much about the course as I could and obviously got things wrong to begin with, but soon got things sorted.

When I started out, my weight and waist measurements were almost identical and I was a Type 2 Diabetic on a host of medications:

  • Weight 108kg
  • Waist measurement: 108.5cm
  • Medications:
  • Novo Rapid Insulin (to treat diabetes)
  • Protaphane Insulin (to treat diabetes)
  • Galvus met (to control blood sugar levels)
  • Crestor (for high cholesterol and high triglycerides)
  • Prexum plus (to treat high blood pressure)
  • Amloc (to treat high blood pressure and angina)

I was impressed that I started losing weight from Day 3 and in the second week, my stomach started to decrease in size. After only a week and a half, I stopped taking Novo Rapid, much to my delight. I was constantly monitoring my blood sugar levels and they had improved even though I had stopped taking one of my insulin medications. I was also checking my blood pressure a lot more often and this, too, was improving.

From the start of my Banting journey, my carb intake has rarely been above 16 grams per day. I can now see that my high carb intake in the past was the biggest culprit resulting in erratic blood sugar readings. In the third week, I purchased a device to monitor cholesterol and triglyceride levels and was regularly checking those as well. In Week 3, I also stopped using Protaphane (the other insulin medication I had been taking) with no ill effects. At this point my blood readings were averaging around 6.5 to 7. This was the best they had ever been since being diagnosed with diabetes in March 2003. To put it mildly, I was over the moon! By the end of Week 4, I had stopped all medication.

My weight loss stalled around this time; however, input from other members on the forum got me on the right track again. It seems that my ratio of fat and protein (in relation to the percentage of total daily calories) was not right as, by this time, I had started exercising at the gym.

At the end of Week 6, I saw my doctor. At first, he was shocked that I had stopped all my medications with no ill effect. After the blood results came back, he said that my HbA1c level of 6 was very good, my liver and kidney function was good (I only have one kidney) and my cortisol was also within the normal range. His final comment was that my results are extremely impressive and that they are due to my lifestyle changes. He encouraged me to continue with what I am doing and to do a check up in six months.

By Week 7, I had lost 12kgs and 3.5cm around my waist:

  • Weight: 96kg
  • Waist measurement: 104cm
  • Blood sugar average: 6 (with no medication)
  • Blood pressure: 120-126 over 70-90 (with no medication)
  • Cholesterol: 3.5 to 5 without medication (previously 6-8 with medication)
  • Tryglycerides: 1-2 mmol/L (previously 3-5mmol/L)

It is now 8 weeks since I began and I still can’t believe that I have actually reversed the ‘dreaded D’ (diabetes) and am now down to 94kg, having lost 14kg in just two months.

I can’t praise Prof Noakes and his team enough for all their effort and input. Without their help, I would not be where I am now – just 2kgs away from my goal weight of 92kg and a much fitter, healthier me. A big thank you to Skip and Linda and all the other members of the forum who have helped.

Many, many thanks.

Regards to all,


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