Just starting out?

If you’re just starting out but unsure how to begin a low carb high fat lifestyle, try this:

  1. Start with the famous lists. The Green List will show you all the wonderful foods to eat, the Orange List will show you which foods should be eaten in moderation, and the Red List are the foods to avoid (click the image below or download the Real Meal Revolution’s Food Lists pdf).the-lists
  2. Now, go through your fridge and panty and clear out or give away anything that appears on the Red List. You’ll also need to check any packaged or processed foods to make sure they don’t contain any red-listed ingredients.
  3. Next, go shopping and fill your fridge with fresh food from the Green List as well as stocking up on pantry items. You can expect to have a full fridge and an empty pantry as you shift away from processed food.

Check out these wonderful websites and excellent articles to learn more about the low carb high (healthy) fat lifestyle:


I began by doing The Real Meal Revolution’s 5 week on-line beginner Banting course, produced by Jonno Proudfoot with Professor Tim Noakes. I loved it so much, I became a ‘Certified Banting Coach’ and have subtitled the entire course video collection with more than 65 high quality videos that are now captioned. Video material includes lectures by Professor Tim Noakes and a huge number of cooking videos with Jonno teaching you step-by-step how to prepare mouth-watering low carb food.


dietdoctor.com is the work of Swedish doctor, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt and team.  This very popular website has tons of high quality free and subscription-based recipes with pictures, video lectures and tips about living a low carb lifestyle.


Low Carb Down Under is an Australian website that includes information about local events and an excellent library of video lectures.


‘What if it’s all been a big fat lie?’ is Gary Taubes’ watershed article published in the New York Times in 2002.


‘The truth about fat and sugar is finally explained’ is written by Dr Aseem Malhotra, UK cardiologist.


‘Low-fat lie one big diet cover-up’ by Joe Kosterich, a radio health commentator.