Videos & Books

Get to know the big names in the low carb world, learn more about LCHF, how to reverse diabetes, find out why good fats don’t cause heart disease and more. Start with my favourite lecture by Professor Tim Noakes, the video that started me on my low carb journey.

I’ve subtitled some of these videos so this information is accessible for the deaf (click link ‘Subtitled Version’ if it appears below the picture of the video).

If I have not provided a link to a subtitled video, select ‘captions’ from YouTube (however, the accuracy of automatic captioning is not always good). I will continue to produce more subtitled videos and encourage you to contact me if there is a video that you are keen to have subtitled.

Prof Tim Noakes
Dr Sarah Halberg
Subtitled version (Dr Sarah Hallberg)
Dr Aseem Malhotra
Dr Rob Szabo
Subtitled version (Dr Rob Szabo)
Dr Zoe Harcombe
Dr Joseph Mercola with Michele Simon
Guests at Low Carb Down Under
Subtitled version (guests at LCDU)
Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Jeff Volek
Dr David Perlmutter
Prof Robert Lustig
Prof Jeff Volek
Dr Peter Brukner
What is Sugar Addiction?sugaraddiction
That Sugar Film (buy DVD or download)that-sugar-film
Cereal Killers 1 (avail to rent or buy)
Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat (avail to rent or buy)
Diabetes reversed using low carb (BBC, not avail in Aust)


These are some of the excellent books related to a low carb lifestyle that are available. We have not added links as they can generally be purchased from a number of distributors. Copy and paste the title of the book into your search engine (e.g. google) and you should have no trouble purchasing these books (most are also available as an e-book).

'New Atkins for a New You'
'Good Calories Bad Calories'
'The Obesity Code'
'The Obesity Epidemic'
'Wheat Belly'
'Why We Get Fat'
'The Case Against Sugar'
'The Complete Guide to Fasting'
'Grain Brain'
'Brain Maker'
'Cholesterol Clarity'
'Keto Clarity'